[v6 General Discussion] Ability to Default "Pack files in Schedule" to unchecked

I posted about this in a thread in the past and could not find it. Thought I would post again about being able to default that check mark to off. I have users who use EW on their laptops (like the youth minister) who are not EW power users, but use it all the time, just locally on their laptop.

They are QUICKLY filling up their SSD drives because they do not even think to uncheck that box. Now they have single videos store multiple times because of this.

Rodger explained the reasoning behind having it default to checked, but that reason never applies to us. We never have someone creating schedules remotely.

[color=#FF0000:3f74unao]All I am asking for is a simple registry change that we can make to default this box to unchecked. That way, non power users will not accidentally do it.[/color:3f74unao]

As it is now, my users only option is to delete all his past schedules (or open them all and save them unpacked) to restore space. And they must ALWAYS remember to uncheck it. I use it a lot more and I forget half the time so I do not expect them to either.

Thank EW for all your hard work!

Here is a work around.

Create a new schedule and add one item to it.
Save the schedule and uncheck the option to pack when saving.
Use that schedule to open EW and then click the new button.
You should find that saving will use the unchecked state automatically for that session.
Thank you for that workaround. While that may work fine for me, for my other, less tech savvy users, they will never remember to do it that way. They just need quick and easy. It would be a hard sell to tell them that is how they have to do it now.