[v6 General Discussion] [RESOLVED] Getting delayed crashes in 6.4.8 and 6.5.5

Per a staff member these started after an update - but I'm not sure what we were running before 6.4.8. They seem to be memory-related - if all we're doing is displaying songs, the software will run for about half an hour before the crash. If we display a slide with a picture, it will crash immediately or after about a minute of looping. If we try to edit a presentation it crashes immediately.

The Task Manager, at crash, shows CPU and Memory usage at about 30%, Disk and Network usage very low. Any advice? It was doing this last Sunday too, the way we got through service was rebooting the software between prayers, which seemed to "reset the timer" until crash, so we made it. I had hoped updating to 6.5.5 would fix the problem but apparently not.

Computer is Windows 10, 8 GB of RAM, AMD FX-6300 six-core 3.50 GHz processor.


The following KB article may help you resolve this issue if you are using an AMD graphics card.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... -violation
This seems to have solved our problem! Thanks!