[v6 General Discussion] Update to Version 6 build 5.x not available

I was prompted to update my 'set-up' computer at home to build 6 v 5.2 on Friday, which I did (*immediately* followed by update to 5.3). I went in early this morning to do the updates on the 'projection' pc at church prior to a wedding at mid-day, only to find that not only was there no version 5.x available (I tried checking via the help menu/Check for updates... and also by looking on the EasyWorship.com website, both of which told me that 6.4.8 was the latest version), but I couldn't use the material that I had prepared the night before because it had been created with a newer version of the software!
I ended up having to go home and get my 'set-up' pc and bring that to the church, which meant that I then had to reconfigure my desktops to the church settings.
Both machines are running windows 10 OS.

I have a couple of questions:
1) How do I get my 'projection' pc to recognise that there is an update available?
2) If I follow the "6.4.8 Rollback Procedure" posted by Roger, will I have to recreate all of the services I have already set in advance up for the weekend and next week because they were created with the newer version?

In using the 6.5.3 build, I also found that there were portions of the screen (corresponding to the clock location and the message alerts at the bottom of the screen) that were blacked out and obscuring the content on the slides (see response posted to topic "New Version Issues - Urgent " by craigmash).
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If you wish to install the update on the worship computer you can get the update file from
the following link. We stopped the upgrades due to an issue that we felt would cause problems for some customers on Sunday morning. We are working to resolve that issue as fast as possible. It's possible you won't run into that issue.

Should you run into that issue (locking up, instability, database won't finish converting), close EasyWorship, right click on the icon and click on properties.
In the Target field add profilename to the end. It will look like this.
"C:Program Files (x86)SoftouchEasyworship 6Easyworship.exe" profilename
Click OK to save the changes to the shortcut.

EW will now ask you for a profile when you open it. Create a new demo profile and it should be ok to load your schedule and run the service. The issues we have been seeing have been with some databases in some profiles, not all.
I responded to your post on the craigmash thread. That was the fix for him.

Here is the download link for 6.5.3
https://easyworship.com/downloads/ew_bu ... .5.3.0.zip

you can also get the update from the computer you already updated by going to C:ProgramDataSoftouchEasyworship.v6.1PluginsUpdates
Use %programdata%softoucheasyworship.v6.1pluginsupdates if your programdata folder is hidden.