[v6 General Discussion] 6.4.8 Rollback Procedure

If you need to roll back to 6.4.8 this weekend, here is a link to the basic procedure for doing so. Please note that your profile folder could be located in a different location, these instructions are for typical setups.

https://support.easyworship.com/support ... -procedure

I did your rollback procedures and now neither one of my programs work the updated version at home or the not updated version at church. They both say I need to upgrade. Desperately need this fixed before next Sunday 9/18/16. Thank you
Go ahead and install the 6.5.4 update from here.

We'll have it fixed by the 18th.
I had the same issue.
Followed the roll back procedure and when I opened EW got an Upgrade dialogue box. When I clicked Cancel it opened a Profile box. having checked the Profile I want and clicked Cancel - as there was no other option - the dialogue box disappeared and I was left with a relatively grey, though otherwise blank,screen
Open your data folder and open the version file with notepad.
It should say
If it says or you may have restored the wrong archive or didn't get the folders swapped out for some reason.
Why would you pull the 6.5.3 update?
Searching through the forums "5 minutes" before service is not a good practice. This was yesterday before our morning service that we decided we had to re-create the (6.5) edited schedule because our (yet to be updated) 6.4 computer wouldn't open it, and we also sent someone home to get another computer which already had the update so we would be ready for any contingency. We ended up using the computer with the 6.5.3 update for both services without issue. It would have been nice to have the option easily displayed on the support page to chose which version you wanted to install.

Just spoke with Dan and passed this information on to him.

I'm so sorry about this. We pulled the auto update on Friday night due to an issue many of our customers were reporting as locking up. We were also seeing reports of databases that were failing to update. We were trying to prevent as many as possible from having to deal with lockups in Sunday service. Our developers worked from Friday to Sunday AM to get a new pre-release out to you and posted it on the following post which was posted at 3:38 AM CST on the 11th of September as a sticky so it would appear at the top of the general discussion for our customers to find.

I apologize for the inconvenience this was to you and your church.
6.5.5 Pre-Release is available. You shouldn't need to do a rollback with this update.
Here is the link to it.
https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... re-release
6.5.5 Pre-Release is available. You shouldn't need to do a rollback with this update.
Here is the link to it.
https://support.easyworship.com/solutio ... re-release
For some reason, our office staff (who creates our schedules) upgraded and on the 11th, I came in to start worship and I get the: "This schedule was made with a newer version of EW, would you like to upgrade to read it?"

Um, yes!!! (as I will have 200+ people in here in a little bit!!!) .... EW is checking... "Ooops! You already have the newest version"

I am in my church sanctuary but "WTH!?!?!?" Now I am in a panic. I check the EW download page, "" yup, that's what I've got. Still in a panic. Try it on our backup machine... same thing!

Maybe someone else in the country encountered this and there will be something in the EW Forums...

Hmmm, first thread is something about "rolling back..." (promising but not what I hoped to see...)

Hmmm, there is a new (what is it, Beta version that they don't have readily available on their d/l page???) 6.5 version....

Ok, I'll try that (meanwhile telling my Sr. Pastor we might not have screens)

Thank the Lord!!!! It opened the schedule and everything looks fine.

Only trouble is, it crashes numerous times through worship (luckily we always have a backup machine available).

We are seeing "EW has stopped responding - you must close the program" error using this version.

The "roll back" procedure didn't leave me with a ton of comfort - what should we do?
Sounds like you may have the PlaysTV app that recently updated and started causing EW to crash because it is injecting into EasyWorship and corrupting memory. You can uninstall it from program and features in control panel.
I've never heard of PlaysTV but I will for-sure look.

In the meantime, we are on 6.5.2, would it be wise to go to 6.5.5?

Thanks for the response - if it turns out we have some malware, I will let you know.
It would be wise to go to 6.5.5. We fixed several bugs in 6.5.5.
Sure enough - PlaysTV... What in the world is that and how did it get on my virgin machine?

Thanks again for the help!!! We will get our systems up to 6.5.5 and get rid of PTV.
It's a game recording app and it comes with AMD graphics drivers as part of Raptr.
In the future please consider using an NVIDIA graphics card. Our developers recommend those over AMD.