[v6 General Discussion] Record Live video for upload/Streaming with overlay of verses/worship words/announcments

Currently we use EasyWorship 2009. We project our worship songs, announcements, and verses on to our projector screens during service.

We just recently purchased a video camera to record the services. We do not project the live video to anything, we simply record it to the internal SD card in the camera.

We have then been copying the video to a PC and manually editing in the worship words and verses. We then upload this to our website.

My question is this, if we had a capture card in the PC, and a dedicated SSD for recording. Could we record the video from the camera directly to the PC and overlay the announcements, worship, and verses to it real-time? All while maintaining the same out put we currently do. As in only displaying the announcements, worship words, and verses to the screens without any of the live video?

We would simply like to have a completed video at the end of service that is ready to upload to our website for streaming.

Can EasyWorship 6 do this? What would I need besides the capture card?
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You've asked a lot here, & I'm not quite sure I'm following it all, but I'll tell you what I have working, & planning, & see if it works for you.

First, I would not suggest using EW09. It had the ability to use an Osprey 100 capture card to bring in an SD video feed, but who uses that anymore? Why move forward with something new while trying to use something old? I moved to EW6. At first it was hard, but it all worked out in the end much better. I then added a Blackmagic capture card to my computer (don't skimp on computer specs) & connected an HD camera. I kind of use EW as a "make-shift" video switcher. I have the video feed as a background & it's also set to my LOGO button. If I want live video on the screens I push the LOGO button. If I want live video on the screens with the worship lyrics below, I use the song with the feed as the background. This works with the scriptures as well. I also make a "song" called NOTES. These are often "fill-in-the-blanks" the pastor would like on the screens for the congregation. I use the feed as a background for the NOTES song & I've got live video with the pastors notes below him on the screens. You can switch between any of these seamlessly. If I want to put up announcement slides I can do that too. This is basically "mixing" the service live.

Here's where my plans have changed. We have been blessed & the board has approved the purchase of a video switcher. Now we'll be moving forward a little more "properly" from the tech side of things, but I'll share what I was planning on doing.

Like you, I wanted to be able to record the service & get it online quickly with as little editing as possible. The problem with recording video on the computer using the Blackmagic software was that it was raw. The file size was HUGE. Then you have to spend lots of time editing & encoding. To fix that I planned on using an AJA Helo. An amazing little device that encodes the output to H.264 (perfect file sizes for the web) LIVE while allowing you to record on either an SD card, or a USB drive, or stream live to the internet.

In the end, what is essentially happening is the service is being mixed live, sent to the screens, & being recorded at the same time. When the service is done there's not much left that needs to be done. Hope this is helpful...good luck!