[v6 General Discussion] Confirming Deleting Database Songs

So I'm using EW to prepare for Sunday. Double click on a song in the database, expecting it to open up the song-editor. Oops no, you need to right-click to edit the song. Double clicking has added it to the schedule.
So I hit the delete key.
Oops no, the song is still listed in the schedule as I didn't have the schedule pane selected. So I click on the schedule pane, and delete the song from the schedule. Right.
Now I go back to the database list to edit the song in database, as that's what I'd wanted to do all along.
Hang on... where's the song gone?!

It transpires that when I hit the delete key, thinking I had the schedule highlighted, I in-fact had the songs database highlighted. And hitting the delete key has deleted the song from the database. No warnings or anything.

Surely when deleting a song from the database there should be some sort of "Are you sure" confirmation message?
Or a recycle bin of deleted database items to restore it from?
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Hi Edward,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The update will include a prompt when deleting songs from the database.