[v6 General Discussion] Comparison Document between EW2009 and EW6

I'm in the process of creating a proposal request to the church board to upgrade from EW 2009 to EW6. I've recently upgraded our worship PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I know we need to upgrade to EW6. Is there a document that would list the benefits of EW6 over EW 2009? I just need a list of improvements that I can list out on my request so the fund can be approved for this upgrade.
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Thanks for posting. This is a good question. Here is a list of things you won't find in EasyWorship 2009.

Presentation builder to build Announcements and Sermon Slides
WYSIWYG Song and Presentation builder
Multiple slide elements
Transparency, Reflection and Blur options for slide elements
Set a different background for each slide
Spell Check
Countdown timer (Next update)
Windows 10 Compatibility
Native MP4 Support
PNG with Transparency Support
Alpha Channel for Video Mixers
Multiple Interface layouts
Scripture Reflow
Triple Wide Resolution Support
Store PowerPoints as a resource item within EasyWorship
Rearrange slides in the schedule and preview
Scripture reflow
Drag external content into the schedule such as PowerPoint and Media files.
PowerPoint 2013 - 16 Support
Improved Search, Search by title or scripture reference or search by any word

I'm sure there is something I have missed, but that is the majority of them.