[v6 General Discussion] Access violation pop up

I had a message today, from a member of the AV team I lead at church; to say he had an access violation warning pop up, whilst trying to edit a song in the database. Why does this happen and can it be avoided?


I am sorry that you are getting this message.

Here are some of the common causes that I have seen for this .

1. When trying to edit a song from 09 schedule that you open in EW 6
You need to apply a new background to the songs in the schedule. You can drag and drop it or apply it under the theme tab in the song.

2. The video or image attached to the song is invalid.

Work around: Go to MEDIA// videos or images right click on video or image and select COPY TO THEME, SONG THEME.

Go to the THEME tab and then select the video or image that you added right click on it and SET AS SONG THEME.
Thanks Terry