[v6 General Discussion] Audio files not importing

When I try to import an mp3 audio file into EW6 nothing happens except the name of the file shows up. When I click on the file to edit it or add it to the schedule and Go Live, there is nothing to play. This happens whether I drop and drag the file into the audio media resource section or use the Import Audio button.



If the file has copyright protection such as a file that you have purchased from ITunes or Amazon then it will not play in EW.
Hi Terry, We are having the same problem with some .mp3 files that I'm pretty certain are not copyrighted. They are "pads" and "bumper music" from this site: http://www.worshiptutorials.com/

We are wanting to use the bumper music as background for offering and announcement slides, but when we import the files, they have 0 file size. all other properties seem intact.

I thought that perhaps it was a Quicktime issue, but it seems that we don't have or need QT in EW6?
They should work in our next update, which should be available in beta form fairly soon.
So I found a setting in the KLite CODEC tweak that needed .mp3 checkbox. Now they are playing as a single item in the schedule.

Problem I'm trying to figure out now is, I want to start an audio file, and have it play as background automatically for X number of slides during announcements/offering. Then I want to program the next file to start in the same key as the first song after the announcement slides. I could do all of this in Powerpoint, but then what's the "point" of that?
You can use a different audio background for the song in the schedule. So when you go live to the first song in the schedule, the audio will start automatically.
This video should help with that.
http://training.easyworship.com/support ... -to-a-song