[v6 General Discussion] GTX980M / Alpha Channel / Atem Television Studio

Hi all, bought a new laptop and these are its outputs:

1x HDMI (Plugged into HDMI 2 of Atem Television Studio)
1x DisplayPort (Plugged into HDMI 3 of Atem Television Studio)

Additional Information:
OS: Windows 10 Pro (1511 build)
Memory: 16GB
Video Memory: 8GB
EasyWorship Version: 6.4.8

I followed the steps to using Alpha Channel with the BlackMagic Television Studio as well as other guides, but I seem to be running into a few issues.


1 The Alpha SOURCE does not output the same size as FILL SOURCE. It's about 20% bigger. (It's just black text.) **1st Picture**
Note: I changed the background to yellow to show the size difference between the two sources. One shrinks. No idea why.
2. I cannot seem to output video from EasyWorship with the GTX 980M. (Black screen)
----- I disabled the Alpha channel and ran the program again.
----- I disabled scaling on High DPI.
----- EasyWorship seems to output using the integrated graphics processor. (HD Graphics 530)

I really can't seem to wrap my head around why this is not working. Any help would be appreciated!

Ok so I've figured out a few things. nVidia Optimus doesn't play well with EW6. Disable optimus by disabling the integrated graphics so EW6 can use Nvidia's dedicated card. (Requires a restart.)

Yellowish color is because I set my screen display to protect my eyes so the blue was dimmed (lol).

DisplayPort and HDMI Out both work as Alpha Channels and/or Output.
Hi David,
Thanks for posting this. This is good information.