[v6 General Discussion] Keyboard shortcuts act wrong way


I'm a new user of Easyworship 6, and I got some trouble to use it just I used to with 2006...
I've got build 4.8 and in Live, when I press on Left or Right key, I don't move in schedule items, but it shows next or previous slide just as Up and Down keys.

I switched from Preview and Live, to Preview and Live combined, but it's still the same.

Can you tell me if it works normally on yours or is it a bug ?

Thanks for answering


The right arrow key moves down through the song that is live and the left arrow keys moves up through the song that is live.

like you described it, it's not normal to me.
Look at [url:1ixzb8yl]https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/9349-shortcut-keys-ew-6- it says that :
Right Arrow Selects the Next Schedule Item
Left Arrow Selects the Previous Schedule Item

By the way, is there a keyboard shortcut to move throw schedule ?
Hi picsl,
By default the left and right arrow keys move the selection in the schedule up or down.
Down arrow and up arrow move the selection in the window you have selected.
You can also use space bar to go to the next slide.
This is a feature we carried over we carried over from the previous versions of EasyWorship.
You can use the hotkey installer on the following article to set the left and right arrow keys to move the slide selection if you wish.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... mote-ew-6-