[v6 General Discussion] W10 auto updates

It seems when Windows 10 auto updates, our screen resolution changes; rather than screen 1 (primary monitor), screen 2 (projector), and screen 3 (secondary monitor), we found that was 2-1-3 this morning when powering up.

Any work arounds to maintain our screen resolution setup despite W10 updates (setting W10 to not automatically update is nigh on impossible--thanks Microsoft)?
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Possibly resolved: one of our worship singers' husband stepped up to the plate a few weeks ago and was on the computer this morning (God bless him!). He activated the internal motherboard graphics card that provided three high-speed ports; set Monitor 2 to secondary (corresponds to graphics port 3 in W10); Monitor 1 for main W10 default menu extended Windows, our third monitor in EW as secondary Monitor 2. That makes our setup left monitor-projector-right monitor, with the left monitor our main and right monitor for auxiliary use. I think I've written that correctly--I know just enough about computers to be dangerous!