[v6 General Discussion] Message: Easy Worship has stopped working.

We just deleted 2009 and are trying to get EW 6 working. Every time we try to open it we get a pop up message saying, "Easy Worship has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem." Then it says, "A problem caused the program to stop working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
I have tried restarting the computer.
I have tried deleting Easy Worship 6 and reloading.
I did get this message now: Application Error Exception EAccessViolation in module Easyworship.exe at 5DFDBCF9. Access violation at address 5DFDCCF9 in module 'Easyworship.exe'. Read of address 5DFDCCF9
We are using Windows 7. 4 gb RAM. 64 bit operating system. amd athlon II X2 245 Processor 2.90 GHz
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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I am sorry that you are having this issue. Here is a link about fixing the Access violation error https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/6000055801-access-violation-when-opening-easyworship-6-ew-6-:ti86hoyw]Click Here