[v6 General Discussion] Second Screen / Monitor only Partial

I have set up Easy Worship 6 on a Desk Top which we had been using Easy Worship 2009 on without problem
and now on the secondary monitor it shows the output screen in such a regard that it does not fill the screen (maybe 1/3 of it on the top left side)

I have played with it for sometime with Display settings etc but can't seem to change anything (it is Windows 10)
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I have seen this before on some video cards before. You will need to close EW and then right click on the EW icon and then left click on Properties then left click on the Compatibility tab. At the bottom of this click on "Change Settings for all users" then check the box that reads "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" then click OK and OK again. Now open EW and see if the screen is correct.