[v6 General Discussion] Sync song database on desktop and laptop

It's probably on here somewhere but I can't find it

I have EW6 on a PC and a laptop - is there a way to update the song/hymn database on both computers when I update on one.
Thank you for your time


You would have to copy the data from one computer to another to keep the database the same. https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/8613-transferring-your-database:7uiccwd7]Here is a link to a video

We would love an update to do this in EW6. This mentioned video link is broken.

We have had to reinstall EW6 on a small laptop that has just recovered from a fatal hard drive crash loosing everything. The default backgrounds and main song database are all that are needed to keep things running as before. We transferred the songs over initially in EW2009 just using a the songhistory.* , SongKeys.*, Songs.* files, not even the whole data folder.

I couldn't find similar instructions for EW6. The latest video suggests copying the whole profile folder rather than the just the resources and v6.1 folders

The total size of the Resources and v6.1 folders on our main PC is 82Gb which is larger than the available space on the laptop hard drive. The video instructions suggest that a 16Gb flash drive should be suitable in your video instructions!

We only need the songs, not all the old material that has gathered over the years.

What are the minimum files that we need to copy just to transfer the songs database?
If you just need to songs then just copy the v6.1 folder and not the resources.

that sounds a better option and thank you for the fast response.

I tried that today and the songs did transfer but I suspected that although EW6 on the desktop PC confirmed that it was the newest version available, after I had replaced the v6.1 folder and opened EW on the laptop the database had to be updated. The PC displayed the songs, but unfortunately it hung up when trying to access the Media and Themes tab.

I then checked the versions and the Desktop was still on and not the latest 6.7.12 which I had downloaded to the laptop.

I will update the desktop Tomorrow and try again but do I need to also copy the Resources/images folder from the desktop PC to make the backgrounds available for the themes, or do I just need to wait longer for the media and themes to sort themselves out?
First make sure that both are the same build number and then try copying the v6.1 again.


I have updated the desktop PC EW6 to 6.7.12 and the song data transferred with no problem.

Thanks again.
:P Great!