[v6 General Discussion] Absolutely no audio in EW6

I have EW6 running on latest update but it now has no audio at all.
I used to be able to run most file formats (had program about a year) but had problems with a few formats and K-lite didn't seem to solve problems. One of our IT support guys who had experienced similar problems installed another codec set (CCCP) which initially fixed the problem, and everything played beautifully. Then there were more EW updates (and probably some automatic updates to other software in laptop) and at some point my audio has stopped working completely. I can't play mp3, wmv, any videos at all.
Ironically I have EW2009 on same machine and it plays everything just fine! Because of this I have defaulted to using it when necessary, but would really like to get EW6 working again.
I have also had issues with sound in other programs from time to time eg Sibelius conflicting with Media player (which makes it irritating to try to transcribe when listening to a track). Not sure if this is related and it is a sound card issue...?

I have tried:
-adding and removing the exclusive control/priority mode boxes in default audio device properties
-resetting default audio device properties completely
-ticking and unticking a variety of boxes in CCCP manager
-resetting CCCP entirely.

When I succesfully play a file in EW2009 it says:
LAV Video Decoder
Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder

When I play exactly the same file in EW2009 it says:
(File details...)
Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder
Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device

Nothing has helped. To add an interesting dimension to the problem, I cannot personally install anything on my machine as it's a work computer and is under admin level control (argh). So I have to get IT to do anything that needs to be done, hence it is very difficult to tinker and troubleshoot step by step.

Any suggestions would be very, very much appreciated.

Please call support at (918)250-1493 M-F 9AM - 6PM CST and allow a tech to remote in or create a ticket at support.easyworship.com and we will work with you to resolve this issue.
I just started having the exact same issue a couple months ago. Were you able to get it fixed? Any help you can provide?

Considering this is from 4 years ago and they haven't been active on the forums since, I seriously doubt that the OP is still monitoring this thread to respond.

You should start your own thread with YOUR specific hardware and software information along with the types of diagnostic information the OP posted and let us start from scratch with YOUR issue, which probably isn't the same as yours.
I would create a ticket so that we can trouble shot the issue. It could be a lot of different things.