[v6 General Discussion] How are font sizes auto selected?

We have a number of folks in the congregation who are vision limited. To accommodate them I try to keep fonts reasonably large. Since moving to EW6 (builtd 4. I note that the "auto" setting on the fonts is more conservative with the sizes. Can you tell me what EW6 is doing to select font size? I would prefer not to have to hand edit each song for each background we use. If there is a tutorial or manual section that I haven't found, please point me to it.
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I talked to Rodger and this is what he said.

Sizing is similar to 2009. It sizes according to how much screen area you have and how much text is on the screens. The theme can affect that, as it has its own font options which can override the default settings. Try changing themes and see how it looks. You may need to go to options and change the Default font size or go to options and go to song and change the font size.
You may need to edit the theme you are using as default and set the font to a higher size