[v6 General Discussion] Any known issues with NVIDIA GeForce 940M?

Our church upgraded to EW6 last March specifically so we could finally get the NIV2011 Bible that wasn't available for EW2009. Other than that, 2009 was fine for our basic needs, but for just $50 to upgrade, it wasn't a difficult choice at the time. However, it has been a tough year, as EW6 freezes up on us fairly occasionally (as in, at more than half our services), yet unpredictably (sometimes at the beginning of the service, sometimes near the end, sometimes on a song, sometimes on Scripture, sometimes when making the next item Go Live, but usually just when switching between slides). One restart and things usually clear up and we're fine for the rest of the service.

After doing as much troubleshooting myself as I could, I opened a ticket on the website, and Aaron noted immediately that our system (a Yoga 13 with 1.7 GHz processor, and integrated Intel HD 4000 video) doesn't meet the minimum specs. I hadn't even thought to check before upgrading because 2009 ran so smoothly, and we literally use the software for the bare minimum functionality one might use it for: just projecting lyrics and Scripture passages to one screen with a plain black background; no video, not even slide transitions.

I have temporarily started using my personal laptop (the one I have used to create the schedules at home) for the services, and have had no problems for a number of weeks now. My laptop also doesn't quite meet the minimum specs, but it does have one thing the church system doesn't have: a discrete video card.

So I have found that a more recent version of the Yoga (the 700) has a discrete card with 2GB RAM as an option, along with a sufficient processor. But my concern is that the card isn't listed on the system specs page for EW6, either as supported or problematic. I know from seeing some benchmark results that it's not a highly performant card, but if simply lacking a separate card is what our issue is, we don't need to be overly concerned with high performance (especially since we don't use foldback, etc). But I don't want to get this if there are any known quirks with this card, or with NVIDIA's mobile line, or with convertible laptops/tablets in general. Would this be a fairly safe choice to get?
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I checked out this card and it is nearly equal to the Nvida Geforce 250 which is recommended if you are going to display HD content.