[v6 General Discussion] 0 songs after import from EW2009


We upgraded from EW2009 to EW6 for stability after installing windows10 and I'm having real trouble in importing the old db.

Having looked at previous postings I think I have tried all the 'normal' fixes. I get no errors after the import to EW6 and no songs!

The sequence I have is;

1) old 2009 database copied to desktop, open with ew2009 and cleaned fixed.
2) reboot, kill all background helpers processes
3) copy to new location.
4) boot EW6 and point profile manager to copy location, get 'converting to latest version'
5) After no errors, I have 0 songs and content on my EW6 install
6) Gives the same results repeating to sequence again

I'd appreciate some help!



Can anyone help out here. Our church has paid out $199 for something that we cant really use!
Do I report it as a bug to get support or is there another way to progress it?



I am sorry that you are having this issue.

If you have already tried following the steps from this link https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8589-transfer-ew-database-ew2007-2009-6-to-ew6-:3m2a0rdf]Here and you are still not getting the songs then you should call support and we can help you.