[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorshipHelper.exe*32

Pls what does EasyWorshipHelper.exe*32 do?
When I open EW6 EasyWorship Helper.exe starts and several Powerpnt.exe*32, making cursor flicker saying working in backgd
When I end EasyWorshipHelper.exe all powerpnt.exe end also.

I read on forum recently that someone had EW freeze during church because of this issue

The helper does background work, like reading PowerPoint files and creating thumbnails and creating unique IDs for media items. It has to run, however it might be stuck on a powerpoint file that it can't read.
Browse to c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\default or profile folder you are using\resources\presentations. Find the powerpoint it is stuck on and move it out of the folder.
Thanks that helps

I deleted from the computer a ppt that has 'embedded restricted fonts' that may have caused trouble.
I have the same issue. How can you tell which PowerPoint the helper is stuck on?

Go to the Windows tool bar on the right hand side near the date and time and the click on the upward pointing arrow. Here you will see the EasyWorship helper. Right click on it and Show Processes. It should show you what it is stuck on.