[v6 General Discussion] Creating a new profile in EW 2009 and upgrading it to EW6

I thought I had done this several times before successfully, but I can't now make it work. I've been "playing" with EW6 for a while now and am ready to move up to that version for all our projection. As part of this, I want to take the opportunity to create a new profile. We have the words of 4 hymnbooks in text form plus words of some more in schedules.

As far as I am aware, there is no ezConvert or other bulk import of CCLI format text into EW6 (yet!) so I need to create my profile in EW 2009. Furthermore, the hymnbooks in schedules are also in EW 2009 format, and won't open in EW6.

I've got both versions on the same laptop, so I created a new profile in EW 2009 and imported everything there. I now have something of the order of 4000 hymns in the database. I shut down EW 2009 and start EW6, and at this point it doesn't know about the new profile. What's the correct sequence to get EW6 to see the new profile and to upgrade it, please? I just can't seem to find the right incantation ...

(In case it makes any difference, I'm on Windows 10.)


Click profiles, then Profile manager.
Create a new profile and name it the same name as the one in EasyWorship 2009.
Click the advanced tab and change the type from new to existing and click ok.
Then click the option to switch to the profile.
Apologies for the stupid question, but I thought I had done that without success. What I've discovered is that it had already converted the database even though it wasn't listed in the profile manager - no, don't ask how I managed that!!! Anyway, having deleted the v6 structure in Explorer, I have now converted it successfully.