[v6 General Discussion] Preview windows show only top left corner of slide

Preview windows show only top left corner of power point slide like in post below... I'm at work right now and trying to find out what version Easy Worship we are running. I'm assuming latest version, as we just replaced Computer (desktop/tower) used for LCD/Sound Booth. Songs work right, but power points don't preview/display right on the computer screen, but it does show correctly on the actual LCD/Screens. Any ideas?


This Kb article should resolve it.
I'm guessing this is EasyWorship 2009?
https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/6000016649-powerpoint-thumbnails-display-incorrectly-ew-2009-:2cmo4ug6]PowerPoint Thumbnails Display Incorrectly (EW 2009)
Thanks Rodger! That fixed the problem. It was awesome yesterday being able to keep up with the Pastor's Power Point and not have to follow it on paper!

I have another question about our #2 monitor going to "sleep". We have Easy Worship 9, and a new desktop with Windows 10. I have looked at all the sleep, power, screensaver settings I can find and set them to "never" turn off, but if I don't move the mouse frequently enough, monitor 2 will go dark (just monitor 2), and I have to re-click the slide of whatever PPS is showing. Are there separate sleep/power settings for EACH monitor in "computer display" settings? Or do the whatever settings you have chosen automatically apply to BOTH monitors? I don't see anything in Easy Worship display settings to fix this issue.

Also, I tried to load an MP4 video off the desktop that I had downloaded off YouTube into the Media Tab in the lower left section of EW, loaded it in the cue after the Pastor's PPS, but it wouldn't play when I select it and "Go Live". I did this after service was over just to try it. It would be easier if it would work, and I wouldn't have to play the video separately in Windows Media Player.

Thanks again for all the help!

God Bless, Clark