[v6 General Discussion] Can I uninstall & start again?

Can I uninstall EW6?
uninstall EW6 in control panel & delete Easyworshipv6.1, Easyworshipv6.A9, Easyworship folder in PublicDocs & any other related files
Then reinstall EW6 & convert EW2009 data
This I would expect to put me back to early 2015
Would this work or cause more problems?
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You can but you do not need to do that. You can just rename the data folder in the v.6.1 folder and this will reconvert your EW 2009 data. https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8589-transfer-ew-database-ew2007-2009-6-to-ew6-:26vnxo6x]Here are the insturctions