[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6.4.8 and Windows XP

I appreciate that Easyworship is not supported on Windows XP, however, I have a problem......
We have been using Easyworship on an old laptop for occasional children's work, running XP. I decided to update Easyworship to the latest 6.4.8, and overwtore the song database, copying from our main computer running Win7.

Now when I try to open Easyworship it won't run, giving files missing errors at startup.

I now can't go back to Easyworship 2009 since I've now got the song database in the 6.4.8 format.

Would you expect Easyworship 6.4.8 to run in XP (accepting without support), or do I have bigger problems?
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EW 6 does not remove you old version of EW so you should still be able to open it on the XP machine. EW 6 will not run on XP from what I have seen.