[v6 General Discussion] Exporting & importing EW presentations

I'm using EW build I'm trying to create an EasyWorship presentation for our announcements (with graphics on every slide), export that presentation from my computer, and import it into EW at church. However, if the graphics are not in the images folder, all I get are black slides. Is there a way to save the graphics with the presentation?


How are you adding the images to the Presentation if they are not in the images folder in EW6?

I just created a presentation on my machine with video, images and audio files and transferred it to 3 other machines and everything I added to the presentation is there.

Walk me through what you are doing step by step and I'll see if I can figure out what is going wrong.
Thanks for the reply. Here's what I've tried.

On my home computer, I create a presentation in EasyWorship. All the slides are .jpg or .png images which I put into the EW Images folder on my home computer and then load into each slide. Then I export the presentation to the desktop, delete the slides from the EW Images folder, and import the presentation (in order to test the process). When I drag-n-drop the presentation into the schedule, the result is black slides, or perhaps with the default background. (My home computer EasyWorship isn't as customized as the church computer.

I don't have the same slides on the church computer as I do on my home computer. I was expecting that I could export the file and all the media would be packaged with it, and then clean out the Images folder and import it and it would come in with all the media as if it was a PowerPoint presentation instead of an EasyWorship presentation.
UPDATE: I just exported an EW presentation from my home computer and imported it into EW on the church computer, and all the slides are there. Guess I was just in too big a hurry! Thanks for the reply, though.
You are welcome!