[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship Freezes - File "Locked Out For Editing By Another User"

Good afternoon

Our easyworship crashed today during service (computer froze on a scipture) and when we tried to re-start the computer and access today's schedule we couldn't - it said "File locked out by editing by another user"!

There is no other user! No other programmes running? Why does this happen? It's quite emnbarassing as I am sure youll appreciate during service so hoping to get some helpful thoughtful answers!

If the only solution is to go back or "buy a new computer", could you possibly help me roll back to the previous build/version- using the latest version.



It sounds like the EW program or the EasyWorship Helper is stuck open. All you should have to do is bring up Windows Task Manager and then end any EasyWorship process that is running.
but what if you have to do that time & time again?!

What makes EasyWorship Helper work overtime?

(Perhaps I need more computer knowledge-
like cars computers are great when they work)
I would suggest calling tech support and we can take a look at the issue via a remote session.
how do I contact tech support?
I'm not in USA so hesitate to phone
In fact your 9am-6pm is my 1am-10am
and I usually only access our computer from 9.10am

What I am saying is I will turn our computer on just after 9am (5pm your time) in about an hour
I dialled +1992501493 -"closed for holiday" ?
Please can we set up technical support for 9am approx. (GMT+10) tomorrow, your Tuesday.
What is your time zone? GMT-?
We are here Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST
On Tuesdays we do have a Support team meeting first thing in the morning.
We were closed for the last half of the day on Monday to observe Martin Luther King Jr. day.