[v6 General Discussion] Windows Presentation mode

On Windows laptops you have access to a thing called Mobility Center and it has this button to put the laptop into presentation mode I think it is called which stops screensavers and other annoying things from happening during a presentation.

(Giving you an idea of annoying - the Windows Update modal dialog appeared just as I was typing this to DEMAND that I STOP what I am doing and install updates RIGHT NOW! I can't do anything on my computer at all until I click the only button available the Get Updates button)

Mobility Center is not supported on desktops by default but I have heard by hacking a registry key or something you can get it to work and you can also set the presentation mode yourself with other registry keys.

Does EW have the ability to switch into presentation mode, maybe it will get rid of these annoying update popups that are mandated for Windows 10 users and can't be turned off in any way that I can discover (unless you have you own updates server)?
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EasyWorship doesn't have an option to go into "presentation mode" however, you can can change the settings in windows for how updates are delivered. You might also try turning on quiet hours. I'm sorry, we do not have the ability to manage your Windows updates for you from our servers.