[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6 previous build versions - where are they to download?

Hi guys,
I was wondering if you could direct me where the previous builds of easyworship 6 are so i can revert back? I remember there being something I could go back to whenever we had EW2009?

I recently updated to the latest build from 6.3.0 (or something) but people are not happy with the programme freezes.
- It just takes a while (like over 120 seconds) to load up a saved Easyworship file (.ewsx) file (I noticed)
- Easyworship sometimes freezes ("Not responding") when we try to call up scripture on to the big screen

I would prefer to go back to a previous build which I knew was stable enough.

Can you direct me to the previous builds?

I couldn't system restore because the computer didn't do a system restore point.

I've been asked to not update again until guaranteed the update will make a difference to speed.

Just before you say, we've paid for easyworship 6 so don't want to use EW2009 again especially as easyworship 6 has better support.

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This is not an issue we have had reported with this build. Actually it should be faster since you can turn off the option to pack content into the schedule. We do not have a page where you can download previous builds. I recommend calling support so we can diagnose the issue you may be having.