[v6 General Discussion] New Song Editor

When creating a new song and in "Words" mode, is there a way to turn off the "label" and "song" separators?

I am finding these separators make it more difficult to edit when lyrics to an entire song are copied and pasted into the editor. I'm having to then copy individual verses etc. and paste them into the next separator. With the 2009 editor, all I had to do was press the Enter key twice to separate the slides and then type the word "Verse 1" or "Chorus 1" or "Slide 1" etc. I found this much easier than copying and pasting each part of the song into the now defined label separators.

We also copy and paste sermon notes from Word into the EasyWorship editor. The new "label" and "song" separators make this a lot harder to accomplish.
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At this time this cannot be turned off. Without this there would be no way to add verse, chorus labels to your songs. This is one of those things that was asked for many times over the years to allow you to use any kind of label you want. This was the best way we could find to implement the feature. If you would like to see a change to the song editor, you can submit a feature request in the Development Pipeline section of the forum.

You can use ctrl+enter to add new slides.
The way I do it is ctrl+enter then down arrow and start typing or paste, or If I'm copying and pasting a whole verse or Chorus, I select the whole thing including the label and press ctrl+enter and then just paste.