[v6 General Discussion] Export from Media Shout?

Is there a quick, easy way to export "slides", songs from Media Shout to Easy Worship? Or will I need to re-enter everything pretty much manually?
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You would not be able to covert from Media Shot into EW 6 directly.

You would have to install EW 09 demo and then convert the songs from Media Shot into the old version using this old conversion utility https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/Utilities/ezConvert/:19v6uabf]EZconvert and then you would have to reconvert your 2009 data into EW 6. Here is a video that shows you how to convert from 09 to EW 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzkvXb-7v7c&feature=youtu.be:19v6uabf]Video