[v6 General Discussion] Error - Database disk image is malformed

HELP! Saturday afternoon stress!

We use Easyworship 6 and have a shared database setup using Mega (very like dropbox). On my own computer which is a Mac running Easyworship under Parallels I got an error this afternoon saying:
Error executing SQL ATTACH" ....\Databases\Dats\PresentationLayouts.db as layouts : database disk image is malformed.

I have just tried loading up EasyWorship on our church laptop - running Windows 8.1 and I get exactly the same error message.

I can load up an existing schedule, but can't add anything as none of the songs or other resources are displaying.

Can anyone help at this time on a Saturday afternoon?

Many thanks,

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It's likely the way MEGA handles update conflicts; from their support page:

[list:143o8qnm]What happens if conflicting concurrent actions are performed on clients synced to the same cloud location?
The current version of MEGAsync does not resolve such clashes in a deterministic manner. Avoid them if possible.[/list:u:143o8qnm]
Dropbox and OneDrive maintain file integrity by making a second file that includes the computer name and timestamp in the filename. That simultaneous or near simultaneous updates are kept separate. In my setup only church PC can update database files in Dropbox.