[v6 General Discussion] Foldback Display Issue

Today during the service I noticed that when our pastor was showing a PPT file through EW6, the last line of text on the foldback displays was obscured by the Next Song Text Box. I'm sure this didn't occur in EW2009 and the Text Box moved below the last line of text. Has anyone else noticed this?

You noticed five months ago. [url:okvcbmbn]http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=13985

EW2009 only showed PowerPoint thumbnails at bottom of foldback screen.
Yes, that was when I was testing it. Now that we are using it live our pastor has commented on it as he sees it on his podium display and as you say it's been 5 months and still nothing has been done to resolve it. I would have though others would have mention this if they are following their powerpoint and can't see the complete text.