[v6 General Discussion] How do I stop a motion background in a song

I am running Easy Worship 6 build 3.3
I add a song to the schedule. I then drag a motion background to that song.
When I go live with the song I have the capability to raise and lower the
volume of the background motion, But I don't see how to stop/pause the motion.
Easy Worship 2009 had a stop/pause capability on the live play out. Is there a
way to do this on Easy Worship 2006?

If I just drag the motion background to the schedule I now have the capability
to stop the motion in the live play out window.



You can pause it by clicking on the black button or the logo button.
Hi Terry,

I tried that. But the screen goes blank. I want to stop the motion so Image is paused on the screen.

Hi my first post, we would really like this feature Back as well, I really miss the ability to pause the motion back cheers Owen
Right now there is not a way to do that if it is a background other than the black or logo button.
So how do I go about adding to what I would like to see in future release. This is really an important item for us. This really puts
a damper on the motions I use for backgrounds. I like the motions and they work well with the songs, But after song is finished
I like to stop the background motion so as not to take away from what is now happening I.E. pray sermon. But the paused background
goes well with topic.
I would like to secord this! (Maybe it's a third)
We have always been able to pause a motion background with EW and we use it quite frequently.
I never understand when software developers take a feature out of a program that has been a part of that program for more than 10 years.??? Very frustrating.