[v6 General Discussion] Scan Line Index Out Of Range

OK, one of the first victims of Windows 10 here. We converted to Win10 last week, but the new OS wouldn't recognize our 3rd monitor. It was connected via a USB to VGA external video card and worked just fine with Windows7. Upon conversion, however, it couldn't be found, and the manufacturere of our external video card obviously hasn't posted any Win10 drivers yet. After 3 hours of working with Microsoft support, we decided to revert back to Windows 7 yesterday.
Unforunately, when we started up our system this morning and launched Easy Worship, upon startup we get the error...

"Scan line index out of range".

We can drag items into the schedule, but when you try to go live with them, the same error pops up. When you try to drag scriptures up to the schedule, you get an error...

"Access violation at address 00B103DC in module Easyworship.exe".

This basically renders the program inoperable.

Any ideas???!


I am sorry that you are getting these errors. Can you please verify that you are running EW 6 build 3.3?

If you are running 3.3 and still getting access violation errors then if QuickTime is installed un-install it and then re-install QuickTime and reboot the computer.
Yes, Terry, we are using that version of Easy Worship.

We have tried uninstaling Quicktime, and Uninstalling EasyWorship6, rebooting, then reinstalling EasyWorship6 from the website download, and restarting. As soon as the programs starts we get:

Trying to do anything else results in the Access Violations.

HOW can we fix this Scan line issue?!?
Scan Line Index Out of Range is almost always a video card problem.
Please remove the USB video card and uninstall the drivers for it, then try opening EasyWorship.
Also make sure the video card drivers for your normal video card are functioning properly.
We ended up purchasing a new video graphics card. With the new card, we upgraded again to Win10 and installed the new card/drivers. We are running again!
Thanks for the help.