[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint OR Cache Problem?

I have Powerpoints that I use in my service. I have loaded them into the schedule and they work fine. However, if I notice an issue or error in the Powerpoint that needs fixed, and I try to fix them on the fly (external to Easy Worship) and then reload them...

Easy Worship will not accept the new/updated version of the Powerpoint.

I have tried removing that Powerpoint from the schedule, saving the new schedule, shutting down Easy Worship, and then restarting it. I then drag the Powerpoint from the bottom in to the schedule... The "old" version of the Powerpoint is STILL THERE! Is it being kept in cache? Are there pointers or something somewhere that keep connected to the old version of the Powerpoint instead of pulling in the new version?

I am forced to remove the old Powerpoint from Easy Worship completely (from the Powerpoints folder). Save Easy Worship without it. Shutdown/restart Easy Worship. Then pull the Powerpoint back in, and load it into the schedule.

This is time consuming and not very convenient during a live service!!


I have reported this as a bug.
As a work around you will either have to go live with something else or remove the PPT from the Presentation area and then add it back and then go live with it.
Me too!