[v6 General Discussion] PowerPoint Conversions

We have hundreds of songs in PowerPoint format and would like to overlay a video feed of the speaker in one corner (PIP). The only way we can find to do this is to first convert the PowerPoint to an EasyWorship Presentation and then add a Video Feed to the corner. The instructions for converting PowerPoint text to Presentations found at https://www.easyworship.com/support/kbarticle/50/ only works if the Text was origionally inserted using the PowerPoint Text Boxes created in PowerPoint Layout. Converting the Slides is a painfully slow process of copy and paste each individual text box. Is there a way to overlay a Video Feed over a PowerPoint or to more easily convert PowerPoint Text to EW Presentation?
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There is not an easy way to get PowerPoint into a song in EasyWorship other than the link you have already looked at. I did a search on Google for live video feed in PowerPoint and found several that show you how to add a web camera feed.