[v6 General Discussion] Is EasyWorship 6 in Beta?

I'm confused as to all the missing pieces in EasyWorship 6. I think I waited a good amount of time before trying to download it again but this version seems significantly worse and harder to use than the previous version.

There is no preview pane, which I'm trying to work around but it's very annoying
There are no alerts at all

When will this stuff be fixed?

Also the way it handles multiple scriptures at once seems counter intuitive. My choices are to either force one verse per slide or let it do multiple verses but then it divides at random points. I.E. instead of putting 2 full verses on one slide an then the 3rd full verse on another, it will but 2 full verses on one slide and then the first 3 words of the third verse and then the rest on another slide. How does that make any sense?
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Easyworship is not in Beta.

The Preview window will be back in an update. Here is a link where Jeff has answered this already viewtopic.php?f=45&t=14392&p=49055&hilit=preview#p49055
The Alerts will also be back and here is a post where this was answered already viewtopic.php?f=45&t=14360&p=48861&hilit=alerts#p48861

Adding scriptures it much more versatile that it was in EasyWorship 2009. You can add one scripture by double clicking on it. Or you can highlight 2 scriptures and then press the enter key to add the combined verses to the schedule. Or you can click on EDIT//OPTIONS//SCRIPTURE// and then check the BREAK ON NEW VERSE option and also give it a MINIMUM FONT SIZE BEFORE BREAKING SLIDE.