[v6 General Discussion] Go Live and Logo buttons too close to each other

Hi - I'm back again!

In EW2009 the "go live" and "logo" buttons are quite far apart - in EW6 they are right next to each other, separated only by a break line. I'm so used to clicking on the logo box in EW2009 (it being the first of the 3 boxes i.e. Logo, Black and Clear) that in EW6 I often click on "Go Live" because its position is the first of the 4 boxes (ie. Go live, logo, black and clear) when, in fact, I mean to click on the Logo button.

Is it possible for you to increase the gap between "Go Live" and "Logo" buttons in a future release to prevent this from happening?

I maybe the only one who this happens to but it is infuriating when I do it - if you can't fix it I may have to try to re-program my old brain not to click on the first of the series of boxes above the live screen in EW6

I'm really pleased with the current functionality of the program - for me, in the main, I find it to be a stable and very usable program. Yes, EW will be great again when all of the "old" functions (i.e. Alerts, previews, etc.) of EW2009 return in EW6 - just keep the updates coming - you're getting there.

Best regards,
Eric (UK)

My thoughts are that the Go Live button and the schedule are too far apart. Having to click an image on the left followed by a button on the right followed another image on the left is not ideal with a mouse and quite tricky with a touchpad.
You can always use the hotkeys.
Ctrl+C - Clear
Ctrl+B - Black
Ctrl+L - Logo
PG Dn - Go Live
No guess work there.
Thanks for Pg Dn. I tried CTRL G but it didn't work!
I've now got to work out how to press Pg Dn with my left hand as the right hand is on the mouse!
space or down arrow are next slide so if your slides in the order you sing them, there is no need to use the mouse.
I however am a mouse user. I use the arrows at the bottom of the live output to do next and previous.
I still think it would be better if there was more separation between the "Go Live" and "Logo" buttons. I would have thought that it would be quite an easy fix - its not as if the space is being used for anything else at the moment.

Eric (UK)
Bumping this up! Is this a problem to anyone else? Read the first post.