[v6 General Discussion] Next scripture in dock

We pre-load the sermon into the schedule. Our pastor sometimes reads an extra verse or twelve. The scripture dock in EW6 shows the last verse loaded into the schedule. I need to be able to quickly see and click verses on the fly.

Can the scripture section show the next verse, once the main verse is clicked in the schedule?
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I want make sure that I understand what you are asking for.

Right now if I add a scripture to the schedule by double clicking on it. Let us say "Mark 1:13" That scripture is now in the schedule and on the live screen and in the compose window. In the scripture window the same scripture is now highlighted gray. If I want to select another scripture on the fly I have to type in the book name. Let us say Revelation 4:8 and then I hit the enter to add it to the schedule and go live .

Are you wanting the next verse in the same book that you go live with to be highlighted? Such as in the last example about instead of Revelation 4:8 being highlighted you would want the next item highlighted in scripture to be Revelations 5:1?