[v6 General Discussion] Check for Updates ... not working

A couple of bits that appear not to be working.
1 - For several days the Help - Check for Updates ... pull down has not been working.
2 - The Web - Media tab doesn't connect giving the message 'This program cannot display the webpage'.
The SongSelect and Web tabs both work.

I'm using version 6.3.3 (downloaded from Easyworship.com)

Works for me (6.3.3 on Windows 7 & 10). Sounds like DNS for EasyWorship.com not working on that PC. Did you download EW6 on that computer or another?
It was on this computer and has worked previously.
I'll have a dig around.
We had to update our web servers to meet new PCI DSS standards for Encryption. We have to meet PCI DSS standards in order to take credit card information through our website. In order to meet those standards we are not allowed to use Encryption lower than TLS 1.2.
Unfortunately Windows Vista or XP will not be able to access our website or the updates page, because IE 8 & 9 do not have support for TLS 1.2 and Microsoft doesn't seem to be updating IE on those versions of Windows anymore.
You have to have a minimum of IE 10 which requires a minimum of Windows 7.
If you have windows 7, make sure TLS 1.2 is enabled in the Adavanced tab of internet options.
Thanks Roger.
That explains it.
It is my understanding that Microsoft is dropping Internet Explorer (and it's support). They will be moving to a browser called "Edge" starting with the release of Windows 10. How will this impact the TLS 1.2 spec and our ability to continue to use Song Select, Updates, etc. in the near future?
Windows 10 still has Internet Explorer; it's just not the default web browser which is Microsoft Edge.
IE is fairly integrated into the OS, so it won't go away anytime soon.
I just updated the church computer to Windows 10 and it would no longer find our displays. We could not use the program at all this eveing. EW 6 also had an error message that would not allow it to run. We have since reverted back to Windows 7 and everything is running smoothly again.
Is suspect this has less to do with EasyWorship and more to do with the video card and drivers for Windows 10.
Is suspect this has less to do with EasyWorship and more to do with the video card and drivers for Windows 10.

We have Win7 OS running our EW6 also.

Do you have any suggestions for drivers, or video card "checks" (make sure you have this or that), that we should have in place before upgrading to Win10?

I would would think your system is new enough not to have any issues. Also It's a desktop computer, so usually the drivers will be updated regularly.
Unfortunately, laptops don't get the same treatment, so you could have issues with the video card driver or instability.
I upgraded my Lenovo Y560 at home last night and had to roll back. It kept blue screening.