[v6 General Discussion] Does Anyone Have/Use a Test Plan for New Releases?

After this latest release (6.3.2) in which regression errors were introduced I'm thinking of formalizing a test plan to clear a release for production use.

[list:54d9qpu2]Test Plan
A. Existing Functions (add new features as they are used in production)
[list:54d9qpu2]1. Startup behavior
2. Options (View and Change)
3. Resources ( Add, Change and Delete)
4. Schedule ( Add, Change and Delete)
5. Presentation ( Hotkeys, Display Live & Foldback)
6. Shutdown behavior
7. Network, Cloud, and other backroom functions[/list:u:54d9qpu2]
B. New Functions
[list:54d9qpu2]1. Potential useful more thorough verification
2. Other Functions quick check, if possible [/list:u:54d9qpu2]
Obviously I'll need to flesh out the details so tests are repeatable and comprehensive.
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We are actually looking into setting up some test computes with different OS's running test scenarios to flesh out new problems and make sure what we release is better that the last version.

It is like you are reading our mind or something... Any input you can give from your experience is welcome.