[v6 General Discussion] Output horizontally squashed / white

AMD FX-4100
Sapphire HD-6850 card with 1GB DDR5, latest AMD Catalyst 15.7 drivers.
Windows 7 32-bit
PowerPoint Viewer 2013
Display 1: DVI Out -> 1280x720 out to projector via Kramer VP-729 presentation switcher
Display 2: HDMI Out -> 1920x1080 for control monitor
Display 3: Displayport Out -> Active DP to HDMI adapter -> 1280x720 to hardware video mixer

Running the current build of EW 6 I have gotten myself into a little bit of trouble. I was trying to get the alpha output working into my video mixer. All I could get was a white screen so I abandoned the effort. However, after I deselected the alpha check box the output to the projector was horizontally squashed onto the left half of the projector output and the right half of the picture was white. I have since disabled the DisplayPort (third output) and removed the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. I have also restarted the computer several times.

Browsing the forums I was lucky to find this thread: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=14356&p=48850&hilit=custom+half#p48850
When I looked at the custom pixels positions for the live output the settings were Left: 1920; Top: 0; Width: 1280; Height: 720 which is correct. So I set the Width to 2560 (2x1280) and then the output was stretched too wide such that only the left half of the Live output was visible and filled the 1280x720 output (as one would expect). I then set what I think are the correct settings of Left: 1920; Top: 0; Width: 1280; Height: 720 and the Live out correctly fills the projected display.

* If I try to maximise the Easyworship main window is correctly fills the control monitor but all I get is a flat white image on my projector. Restoring the main Easyworship window instantly returns the Live output back to the projector. I have restarted the computer at least three times and this is still happening.
* The sequence of events indicates the custom values are not always honoured by EasyWorship, as I saw two different behaviours within a minute simply by changing the values and then changing them back.
* If I click the Live to turn of the live output the projected display flicks to white briefly before showing the Windows desktop underneath.
* I can confirm that I have the Alpha checkbox deselected.

I am confident the problem is particular to EasyWorship, as I can drag windows like Firefox across on the projector output and there is no cropping etc. We ran today's first meeting in OpenLP without any problems until I had a chance to play with the custom pixel position values and return to using EW 6 with the restore/maximise issue remaining. We had been running EW6 for a couple of months without this problem and it seems that playing with the Alpha settings has triggered this.

Can anyone suggest a way of resetting the Alpha transparency et al. settings in case the settings have become corrupted? Or is there something else I should try to get "normal" behaviour back?
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If you have a half white screen and half live output showing up on the projector screen then I need you to double check in EW under EDIT//OPTIONS//LIVE that the APLHA CHANNEL is DISABLED and not set to Monitor 2 Secondary.