[v6 General Discussion] Editing on the fly

Does anyone know if Version 6 allows you to present and edit songs at the same time? In other words, allow you to edit a song, and still change the verse on the current song that is showing simultaneously? We are currently using version 2007, and you cannot do this and it is frustrating.


Right now there is still not a way to edit a live song.
We just switched to Easy Worship from Live Worship for several reasons after installing new sound and AV equipment and realizing there were issues with the other. BUT it has been so long and many versions ago that I used Easy Worship that I did not realize you cannot edit on the fly or duplicate a chorus and rearrange your layout without going into the Edit Menu. I'd sure like to see an easier way to manage a song than is currently available. This is going to take us a lot of time at our practices to edit the song as the praise team sings it. Any updates on this coming soon?

You can duplicate any slide easily in the song editor. You just right click and then left click on Duplicate Slide then you can drag and drop it where you would like it to be in the song. You can also rearrange the slides of the song without editing it in the schedule just by left clicking and dragging.