[v6 General Discussion] Save Schedule - includes video?

Until today, when I saved a prepared schedule to transfer to our church PC, the schedule seemed to package everything for the service into one file - including Powerpoints and video files. While this made the schedule file potentially quite large, it was a convenient way of moving between PCs (although new songs don't get moved from the schedule into the song database which is a pain). Today my schedule includes a video file but it is not in the saved schedule file. Have I missed a change in this functionality? Or was I just dreaming that it rolled everything into one file?

My schedules include all files. What does your schedule show for missing video?
It shows the name of the video with a thumbnail in the place where it should be, but there is no video file behind the thumbnail. The file size of the schedule show as 708KB which clearly doesn't include the 10MB video file. Very strange. I was sure that previously my schedules wrapped everything up that was needed for the service. Ho hum.
It sounds like EW6 couldn't find or couldn't embed video file in schedule.

If you have 7Zip or another 3rd party Zip application you can open the EWSX file and look in media folder to see media files for schedule.

I have 14 schedules ranging in size from 75 MB to 400 MB.
I am not sure what happened but EW could not find the video file when it was saving the schedule.