[v6 General Discussion] [Answered, in FAQ ]Media missing from 2009

Most of the media we have in EW2009 did not import into EW6. Any ideas?


You should be able to get all your media into the program using the steps in this http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13874:262d7skq]Post
Ok, so everything that was listed under "backgrounds" in EW2009 is now listed under themes in EW6 correct?

A couple of other questions:

1. Is there a way to add a theme for song and scripture?
2. When will the compose area be complete?
Yes backgrounds show up under themes now.

Go to Themes and right click on one of theme and then select Set as Song Theme you can do the same for scriptures.

I believe the compose area is working correctly what is the specific thing it is not doing for you?
Ok, I just realized I may have not worded my question regarding the themes correctly.

Is it possible to add a new theme and modify the same existing theme for both song and scripture at the same time for does if have to be done individually?

Regarding the compose area, when I click the compose button in the lower right all of the options are grayed out. I have a attached a screen capture.

When you click Compose it freezes song/scripture and switch to Media or Themes. While you used to be able to drag and drop to apply, it now only recognizes double-click. Once applied you then can add it to schedule or display on Live.