[v6 General Discussion] Easy worship crash

I just started at a new church that uses easy worship and am getting familiar with the software. I brought some backgrounds on a flash drive from another computer that the church has im a different venue that run with no trouble. I added the backgrounds, everything was working. In service, when the first one loaded, it skipped to the next song, then froze and wouldn't go back. They had to completely restart the computer to get it to work. Any ideas what it might be? Are there certain file extensions that are unsupported or don't work well? I really don't know what they were. I come from pro presenter so easy worship is quite a change. Any ideas would be very welcome.


If they are mp4 or mov files then you need to click on HELP//INSTALL QUICKTIME SUPPORT in EW.

Also in order to trouble shoot the issue I need to know what the system specifications are: What CPU brand and speed? Amount of memory? What video card is in the machine?
Terri thank you for the response. I was out of town for work all week last week and just now got to check back. I will find out the answers to your questions and get back to you.