[v6 General Discussion] importing data form EW2009

In our church we still work with EW2009.
Now I have an updated song database in EW2009, which I like to import in EW6. How do I do that?
(I have another profile for EW6, so the database of EW2009 should be intact and useable for our church).

If want add or merge EW2009 with existing EW6 it currently can't be done automatically. While EW6 can read EW2009 schedules there is no merge with database function.

About all you can do is run a conversion from EW2009 to EW6 which requires all work in EW6 to be erased.
I do not have existing EW6 data. All the data I have, is from my (old) EW2009 database.
The 'database administrator' of our church updated the database for our church (EW2009) and I will test it for using EW6.
Maybe the best way is uninstall en install again??
If you haven't installed EW6 it will prompt for conversion on first execution.

To transfer EW2009 data from another computer - http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13874:1r8eg2zq]Click Here

If you have installed EW6 earlier you can delete the Data folder in C:UsersPublicDocumentsSoftouchEasyWorshipDefaultv6.1Databases to trigger a conversion during next execution.