[v6 General Discussion] Problems with Images and Powerpoint Presentations

On our computer in church some images are OK, some images show on the congregation screen and not on the computer monitor (get a white panel instead) and some images do not show on either the computer monitor or the congregation screen. This applies whether they are just images in the schedule or backgrounds for songs. Also when we include a Powerpoint Presentation in a schedule it shows correctly on the congregation screen but all the slides show as a white panel on the computer monitor so you can't see what's coming next.

The computer is a Dell OptiPlex GX620 with a Radeon X300/X550/X1050 series graphics adapter. It is running Windows 7. It now has build 6.2.1 of EasyWorship on it. It runs EW2009 without any problems.

We don't have these problems on any other computer that we are using to prepare schedules but these are laptops running Windows 8.1. I've tried it on another Windows 7 desktop and don't get any problems. I've tried disconnecting the projector from the computer in church so that it only has one monitor and I still get the problems.

The video card is woefully under powered with sub-100 Passmark score versus recommended cards which have scores over 750 (SD capable) and over 2500 (HD capable).
Open EasyWorship, click on the edit menu, then options.
Click advanced.
Check the box to "Disable GPU Shrink Filter" and click OK.
This may help. This is a function that helps determine if your video card is too old to support the rendering functions that EasyWorship is requesting from it.
If it works after doing that, your video card just isn't able to support what EasyWorship 6 is trying to do. You can use it this way, but you really need the appropriate video card.