[v6 General Discussion] [Resolved, Themes]Background Image Properties

Sorry if this has been covered, unable to search out an answer.

Is there some way to give text setup properties to a particular background image like in 2009? For example, I have a background that when applied to a song should always put the text at the bottom and right justify?

I know how to do this in 2009 but have not seen a way in ver6.

Themes in 6 are similar to Backgrounds in 2009. So, right click your Image and add to Song/Scripture/Presentation Themes. Now once it's created as a Theme you can edit and adjust the properties such as text location from there.
So for every background I want special formatting, I must create a theme? And then when I want to use that background, I have to remember to go to themes instead of images? That workflow is just not as easy as 2009.

Or is there some easier way?
Drag and drop theme on schedule item.
Drag and drop theme on schedule item.

Right. But you still have to remember to go to Themes instead of just browsing images as you could in 2009.
The problem I envision is EW6 having to know how to apply media formatting for Songs vs Presentations and adding media directly vs Inspector vs drag and drop. The added flexibility in media handling complicates the background handling compared to EW2009. As it stands now themes provide the easiest way to make the formatting simpler.