[v6 General Discussion] Very large Easyworship schedule files

Hi - sometimes when we open a saved easyworship file, it can take some time, a couple of minutes. The operator then panics that the PC has hung and reboots, and then gets in a mess.

Some schedule files were getting to 700mb+

This is especially when we have a few videos in the schedule.

Whats happening? Is a copy of the videos embedded in the schedule file? Is there anyway to avoid this (so it simply stores a link to where the video is stored)?


This has been an issue since beta testing started. I think it will be fixed but don't know when.
I have Easyworship 6 Build on Windows 10
The .ewsx file size is 2.2 GB - this is a Sunday service schedule with the number of songs, presentations and videos.
Why is it so big?
Is this even normal?
Is there a way to make it smaller?

If you are using the presentation on the same computer you build it on, you can uncheck the option to pack the schedule.
It's packed by default, but in edit, options, advanced, you can change the option so that it doesn't default to packing the schedule.
Yes, I can see it checked, but it also saying (recommended). So, if I uncheck this option, what will I loose/gain?

If you want to take the schedule to another computer, you'll need to check the box on the save as window to pack the schedule, so that videos and other media content aren't lost when you open the schedule on the other computer. If you don't use it on another computer, it will reduce the schedule size to the size of the database in the schedule, which is very small. The media items will then be pulled from the resources area of EasyWorship.
Got it, thanks for your help!
This is very helpful. Thank you. We are hosting an IF:Local and using HD videos that are 4 to 6 GB each. It was taking several minute to save/load a schedule. Our next problem is that the software seems to lock up occasionally if we go from one video right into the next. We are having more luck if we load a static picture first and then the video but it still hangs up sometimes.

We have a newer computer with plenty of chip power and 8Gs of ram. Sometimes it works fine from one video to the next and other times the whole thing freezes. Any suggestions.

sounds similar to problems we are having

Thread here [url:usho028i]http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=15827&sid=6fe875bacf5f0de841e24e2f64f7f14b